We will write in this tutorial, on How Offerwalls Work and How to Transfer Your Credit to Earn .

The website offers easy money making with Offerwalls.
By participating in an offer, your balance will be automatically credited to your account.
How to participate in the Offerwalls offers?
Any member on, can participate in the Offerwalls offers, the steps to follow are as follows:
1- access your account on, if you are not yet registered, we invite you to do so for free.
2 - After that, you go to the Offerwalls 

3 - You click on the offers that suit you, as described in the image for each offer you have a credit to earn.
4 - After confirming your offers, the credit will automatically be added to your account which will be displayed on the left as described in the image.

5 - To transfer your winning balance (Coins) you type on the box in the middle the amount you want, after you click on the transfer button on the right, as described in the image.

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